How to Clean Your Home And Maintain It

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How do you clean your home without distraction? When we hire maids to do the cleaning, they easily finished tidying up in less than the required hours you are spending when you clean your home. Why is that? Well, these maids are not connected to your mess! So how do we keep our home clean without spending the whole day to finish it? Here are some tips :

Avoid Distraction

Cleaning your home is not a one time big time task. You can schedule each areas that you would like to clean. Like for instance, doing the laundry is a major distraction if you are cleaning your home. It will divide your attention and energy and you’ll end up exhausted, or worst – you won’t be able to finish a task!

Cluttering Versus Cleaning

Most of the time we confused ourselves between cluttering and cleaning. You can efficiently clean your home if you will separately do these tasks. When professional maids clean your home, they focus on cleaning and they leave all the clutter behind so you can take care of them. Do one task at a time.

Create and Stick To Your Plan

Organization and consistency is the key to a well-kept home. If you will follow a certain schedule for a week just to clean your home, you will find it easier to maintain the cleanliness of your home. Create a plan that would fit your schedule and needs and stick to it.

Start Cleaning the Bathroom

They say bathrooms reflect the cleanliness of a home, so let’s give an extra effort to it. Start by removing all unnecessary items in the bathroom, like shampoo containers, waste, etc. Spray tubs and showers with your bathroom cleaner and let it sit for a while. In the meantime, you can remove all trash and put it in a garbage bag.

Clean Ceilings and Walls

While the cleaner is doing its job in the bathroom, start removing cob webs and dust on the ceilings, in the corners and door jams, going to every areas/rooms. Work your way through the walls and baseboards. Clean light fixtures and fan blades with a microfiber cloth.

Go Back and Finish the Bathroom

After you’ve finished the ceilings and the walls, it’s time to go back to the bathroom and start scrubbing tubs and showers. When you are through, put all the shampoos and things back in the shower and do the vanity and mirror, scrubbing the sink and polishing all the fixtures.

Now you are ready to finish cleaning the toilet. Don’t forget the rubber gloves for that job. I use a small wastebasket with a bleach solution in it to disinfect the toilet brush after use. Paper towels are good for cleaning the outside of the toilet and the seat.

The floor is last, I usually find it easier and more thorough to clean the bathroom floor with a rag than a mop.

Time To Dust

Now that the toughest tasks are done, you may start dusting from top to bottom. Start by removing all small items from the shelves and table tops and polish wood surfaces. Wipe each item down then put them back. Books on shelves are another of those jobs that you can take on one each week. Dust the shelves, fronts and tops of the books each week, but occasionally it’s good to take all the books off the shelf and dust each one.

Last But Not The Least : Floors

Once you’re done with dusting, you can now start vacuuming. Use the corner tool first to get the edges and corners of the floor. Then move on to the rugs and carpets. Finally, clean the hard floors.

Use a roller head sponge mop and bucket for linoleum or tile floors that are really dirty. If they are only moderately dirty a slightly damp microfiber mop works very well. For hard wood or laminate be sure to follow the manufacture’s instructions for cleaning.


If cleaning your home is a pain in the neck, let us help you! At VIP Cleaning Services, we clean so you don’t have to. We use only green products to ensure your and your family’s health and wellness. Our cleaners are experienced, professional and can be trusted. With our comfortable prices, we can maintain your home’s cleanliness without putting a hole inside your pockets. Book now!

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